Persons nominated to this list should be:

  • Citizens of Sri Lanka
  • Highly accomplished in their field, preferably with international recognition
  • Role model and inspiration to others


Selection Process

Sri Lanka Celebrities is not just a random list of famous people. Being on this list confers legitimacy to the nominees, as they are chosen through a dual process:

  1. VOTING – They should obtain above a certain number of votes from fans who can cast their vote on our website, which contains the names and photographs of leading personalities in each category. Fans will also be encouraged to share our website’s links on their social media sites, seeking their friends to cast their vote
  2. SURVEYS – These will be conducted by the University of Kelaniya, which seek the views of people islandwide on their choice of celebrities in each category

Voting and Surveys will each be given 50% weightage in order to ensure a balanced choice.


How to Vote and Win Prizes

Click on ‘Celebrities’ on the top right corner. Click on the ‘Vote’ button to cast your vote for the celebrity of your choice in each category. Share the link of this site with your friends on social media so that they too could cast their vote. Exciting prizes await the winners who will be chosen by a draw.